Health and safety

As an accredited Worksafe Contractor, keeping our employees, contractors, visitors and the public safe and well is a top priority. We use both internal and external health and safety professionals who regularly inspect, report, monitor and advise on our operations and practices so that we can fully comply with legislation, safe operational methods and best practices for the safety of all.

Tonic prides itself in offering all employees, and those affected by our operations, a working environment in which they can safely carry out their duties. We are proud to hold SMAS accreditation and believe effective training and regular monitoring is paramount. As such, appropriate training is offered, and all employees are encouraged to complete training to achieve optimum competence at any level.

Being and staying safe is everyone’s responsibility. All employees are expected to abide by our health and safety policy, arrangements and procedures and take ownership in creating a positive and proactive health and safety culture at Tonic.

Plan. Do. Check. Act. These simple words underpin how we manage health and safety.

  • We must Plan our approach to assess where we are now and where we want to be.
  • We must Do the work to assess risks and implement the plans we make.
  • We must Check our performance and investigate accidents, incidents and near-misses to identify causes.
  • We must Act on any lessons we learn.

Following these principles ensures health and safety is an integral part of maintaining high standards of service delivery and the management of the company.

In addition, Tonic devises a bespoke Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan for each project and agrees this with the appointed CDM Co-ordinator. This plan is fully communicated to site staff and operatives prior to commencement on site.

Tonic has recent collaborated with the HSE and other groundwork contractors to form the Southwest house building ground workers safety forum with the aim to improve best practice and overall safety within the industry. The collaboration enables a uniformed approach to improving existing working practises across the industry and review of new methods of work, plant and specialist equipment.

Environmental commitment

At Tonic Construction Ltd we are extremely conscious of the environment, and work carefully with our clients, local authorities and suppliers to ensure all of our operations have the least impact on our surroundings and habitat.

We have developed an Environmental Strategy that ensures we stay mindful of our responsibilities.

  • Understanding of environmental risk/impact
  • Environmental awareness training and reporting
  • Environmental system documentation
  • Waste management and control
  • Material wastage
  • Environmental planning


Tony Iles and Tonic Construction have championed the significant changes in the way FTDs (Forward Tipping Dumpers) are manufactured and used in the construction industry by aiding in the development of a new type of FTD. Known as a BMT (Bulk Material Transporter), this type of FTD has many extra safety features, including hydro-static drive, four-point harness seat belts and forward and reverse cameras. Tonic is a member of the “Strategic forum for forward tipping dumpers” which is jointly chaired by the CPA (Construction Plant-hire Association) and CECA (Civil Engineering Construct Association.